Difference Between A Migration Agent And A Migration Lawyer

The migration lawyer is different form the migration agent. There are certain factors which make them difference. The first thing that comes is in education and training. The first thing that a lawyer must have is a complete degree. This degree for a lawyer is 3 years long program and this must be from some certified university. Whereas in case of migration agent there is no need for such a degree but a simple diploma consisting of 6 months is enough for applying for a migration agent certification.

Another big difference between a lawyer an agent is that the lawyers require experience. It is said that an Australian immigration law is very difficult to understand and even difficult to apply because of the reason that the state keeps on making changes in these laws consistently. Therefore, before a lawyer could come in to actual practice he is trained to analyze and understand these laws deeply and the apply these laws. Not only the one time understanding of these laws is enough but the lawyer must constantly up to date his knowledge so that he could understand and interpret the changes in the laws. By understanding and analyzing the complexity of these, the lawyer is able to help his client in the best possible manner. 

Furthermore, the lawyer is considered to very much skilled and professional. He has his expertise in his domain. He has proficient knowledge. The documents and appeals that he prepares for the court is very well written and managed. He makes sure that documents follow all the requirements and are presented in their best form so that these give him and his client an edge in the court. The most important thing in the visa appeal is the documents. These are the only thing that will get you through. If your document has lacking then your appeal is rejected instantly. Therefore, it is the job of the lawyer to make sure that there are no inconsistencies in the document. 

A migration agent, after the completion of his diploma can work on his own. But on the other hand, the migration lawyer in Melbourne CBD has to work under the supervision of a superior lawyer for sometime even after the completion of his 3 years degree program. A lawyer who wants to retain his position both as the lawyer and the migration agent must go through the continuous training of both the lawyer’s and the agent’s.