The process of giving a solution to the disputes that occur between family, siblings, and husband and wife is known as dispute resolution. Dispute resolution becomes necessary when the court lawyers are exhausted from negotiating the parties. 



Mediation involves another person which is known as the third person as it works as a neutral person. It is also known as the mediator. Mediation helps to explore sadness. Many disputes occur between husband and wife and they led to divorce. But the divorce mediation in Melbourne helps the partners to think about the relationship again before getting a divorce. Through divorce mediation, the husband and his spouse agreed to the discussion. And when the discussion happened between two parties there is a maximum chance of resolving the issue. Similarly family mediation help in family matters. Family dispute resolution is also a mediation that helps separate and broken families. Because in such a family where it is common to have a dispute that can be resolved easily is handled by the family dispute resolution, similarly the commercial dispute resolution work for the welfare of the commercial organizations. 


 In this type of dispute resolution, the third party or the neutral person works as the judges. Who is responsible to take a decision depending on the evidence? 

As divorce mediation is provided to resolve the issues. The mediation may be provided at an early stage or at last when the court fails to negotiate the hiring. But divorce mediation is not allowed if there is a case that occurs like domestic violence. In such a case, the victims get justice with the evidence. Similarly, in family dispute resolution this type focuses on the evidence and find out the problem and suggest the orders concerning with evidence. In the commercial dispute resolution in such case needed evidence so that they can decide which one is guiltier than the other. If the second party is not cooperating with the first party can show evidence of the negligence of the other party, according to the evidence provided to the commercial dispute resolution, the commercial dispute resolution, and lead to the binding decision. 


In this type, of dispute resolution, the third party listens to both of the parties, and then after analysing both its renders one decision in the favour of one of them. As family dispute resolution is related to broken families, it involves the decisions of parenting and adoption of the children. In such a case when the parents are separated, the jury listens to the father and mother’s point of view, many trials and hiring are held, and the decision is taken by the family act which is known as the family dispute resolution (FDR).